Chain Restaurant Operator Leads

Chain Restaurant Operator Leads

Chain Restaurant Operators

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Chain Restaurant Operator Leads

Chain Store Guide's database of Chain Restaurant Operator leads contains key contact and personnel information for thousands of the top restaurant chains, including McDonald's, Outback, Pizza Hut, and Subway. This information includes phone numbers, mailing addresses, titles, salutations, and more.

Each restaurant in our database includes in-depth information with 2 years sales & unit history, growth percentages, number of units owned & franchised, number of employees, menu type, percent alcohol and internet sales where applicable, and type of foodservice venue.

Our company has a strict criteria for inclusion so only the most qualified chain restaurant leads make it into our databases and directories. On top of chain restaurants operating two or more locations, our directories of Chain Restaurant Operators also include key contact information for foodservice operators in multiple venues, providing you with brand new sales opportunities. These include Foodservice Management Operators, Bowling Alleys, Casinos with 2 or more restaurants on premise, Hotels/Motels with restaurants, Movie Theaters, Theme parks, Non-traditional foodservice operations (Kmart, Target, etc.), Foodservice trade associations, and our newest addition Culinary Schools.

Companies that use our database include foodservice equipment manufacturers and food product providers. In addition, our targeted and verified sales leads are also used by suppliers of fixtures, signage, furniture, and interior designers who are looking for restaurants that are remodeling or expanding. Print production companies use this information to create menus used across multiple locations.

The PLUS Restaurant Leads Database also includes Convenience Stores that have foodservice operations.

Type of Foodservice Options

  • Cafeteria
  • Casual Dining
  • Family Restaurant
  • Fast Casual
  • Fine Dining
  • Full-Service Sit-Down Dining
  • In-Store Feeder
  • Mobile Units/Kiosks
  • Quick Serve
  • Vending Machines

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