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For The Retail & Foodservice Industries

Custom Data

Personnel & Market Data Analyses

Create custom lists from our extensive market research database. Chain Store Guide gives you the ability to cross industries and splice in multiple data points to target your exact specifications.

We qualify each of the companies in our robust database prior to releasing to ensure our clients receive only the highest return on their marketing efforts. What defines CSG as the market leader is the breadth and depth of our database. Millions of data points can be combined to meet your company’s specifications. This level of service is the reason why Chain Store Guide has been the authority in custom market data for over 80 years.

Introducing: Market Forecasting & Trend Analyses

CSG can forecast predictive analysis through 2025 using six to ten years of historical data and sound logic algorithms. We formulate forecasted data using a combination of company-banner growth rates per state, linear trending, time series plotting, projected housing units per state, and Gross State Product per state.

Custom Marketing Lists

Get Your Data Your Way with a custom database or report for your marketing & analyst teams. We can splice various retail & foodservice segments together with over 90 a la carte data options including titles, functional areas, and specific contact data.

• 93 Title Descriptions
• 40 Retail & Foodservice Segments
• 30 Extra Data Targeting Fields

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Top Company Reports:
We can also customize any of our top company reports to include additional personnel.

• Top 500 Restaurants
• Top 500 & 1000 Retail
• Top 250 Building Products

You can request additional data points & personnel such as:
• Buyer Titles
• Manager Titles
• Marketing Titles
• & More!

*A La Carte data points subject to additional pricing. Prices listed on website denote the base price for C-Level contacts and basic data.

Store Locations & Market Share

CSG has over 700,000 individual retail store and restaurant locations that are utilized for:

• Site selection
• Competitive analysis
• Market share analysis
• Mapping
• Merchandising
• Marketing campaigns
• Logistics

Location Databases:
• Basic & Enhanced Versions
• Unique Company ID
• Parent Company Linkages
• Banner Names
• Geocoding
   ○ Latitude & Longitude
   ○ Core Based Statistical Area
• Sales Volume
• Square Footage
• & More

Market Share Analyses:

(For The Grocery & Drug Stores)
Choose your level of detail!
• Zip/Postal Code
• County
• State
• Designated Marketing Area

Proximity Reports:
(For The Retail & Foodservice Segments)
Use our editorial expertise and location databases to build a geographic comparison of sites for the purposes of analysis. These can be analysed by time, distance, or demographics like population, ethnicity, income, etc.

CSG Clean Sweep

Enhance your databases with our data appending services. Keeping your customer records accurate and up-to-date is the key to a successful sales & marketing strategy.

Our list augmentation experts can match records against our master data bank and append any missing data. We can also correlate & convert multiple Unique Company Identifiers and match them to the CSG Company ID.

Clean, Append, Merge, & Purge:
• Titles
• Addresses
• Personnel
• Phone Numbers
• Sales Figures
• & Much More

When you let CSG care for your lists, you are accessing over 80 years of experience in market data. Our in-house research facility validates our master data archives daily to ensure the data the most accurate available.

Call 1-800-927-9292 now to learn more about how CSG can repair & improve your databases.

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