Data Quality During COVID-19

Chain Store Guide has been giving assistance to businesses since 1933. From the Great Depression to now the Coronavirus, CSG continues to provide essential intelligence to companies in times of need and growth. CSG prides itself on maintaining the highest quality data available on the market. Since March, all industries around the globe have been greatly impacted, resulting in volatility in businesses, including changes to personnel. Through experience, we are able to provide a high level of data fidelity via:

  • Frequent updates for major companies at least every 3 months
  • Ongoing industry research by our team of experts
  • Proprietary algorithms that seek changes to companies & personnel
  • Triple verification system of all email addresses on a monthly basis
  • CSG Verify portal where clients can add or edit records for review
  • Most importantly, the human factor - all changes are reviewed by CSG experts

Utilizing a combination of these technologies and processes, CSG is able to cleanse its databases above and beyond the industry standards. While many employees may be in a temporary furlough, we make sure to continue to test their contact credentials as active inboxes could be routed to another decision maker for the time being or that employee is expected to return in the future. It is important to note that not all status changes in personnel are permanent and as offices and stores begin to reopen, those positions may return. If they do not, CSG will retire that person in the database as soon as the information becomes available to our staff. While our records are the most up to date, it’s impossible to capture every change in real-time. That is why we’ve made it available to clients to contribute any changes directly to our researchers using our databases via CSG Verify, which will be personally validated. This is where CSG makes difference, using top of the line technology always combined with a human touch.

Resources To Help During The Pandemic

In order to provide additional assistance to businesses during these difficult times, CSG has created a number of resources that can give companies guidance and a competitive advantage.