Wholesale Grocer & Foodservice Distributor Leads (PLUS)

Is your target audience Self-Distributing or Wholesale Grocery Distributors? Want to sell your products to grocery chains in the US and Canada? If you are, Chain Store Guide's Wholesale Grocer Leads Database is the perfect resource for pinpointing distribution centers and wholesale grocer contacts so you can maximize the impact of your sales and marketing efforts.

Chain Store Guide’s has a strict criteria for inclusion, so only the most qualified grocery wholesaler leads make it into our databases and directories. The criteria for inclusion in our online directory defines a Wholesale Grocer Lead or Distributor as a company that distributes more than one product line and no more than 95% of its wholesale grocer sales volume may be from self-manufactured merchandise. In addition, wholesale grocers must have over $500,000 in annual sales.

Many companies that purchase our Wholesale Grocery Leads also purchased our Foodservice Distributor Leads database as well. That is why when you buy the PRO or PLUS level versions of the Wholesale Grocers Database, we will include the Foodservice Distributors Database free of charge! A $1,595 value!

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Popular Wholesale Grocer Search Options:

  • Company Type
  • Personnel Titles
  • Product Type (over 75 options including Organic)
  • Areas of Operation
  • Type of Stores Served

Product Lines For Wholesale Grocers:

  • Beverages
  • Candy
  • Dry Grocery
  • Ethnic Products
  •    - Asian
       - Caribbean
       - Hispanic
       - Kosher
       - HBC
       - Non-Foods
  • General Merchandise
  • Grocery Products
  • Organic Products
  •    - Dairy
       - Dry Grocery
       - Frozen Foods
       - HBC
       - Meat
       - Poultry
       - Seafood
       - Produce
  • Packaged Meats
  • Produce
  • Tobacco

Wholesale Grocer Distribution Example
Distribution Chart

Types of Wholesale Grocery Leads:

  • Non-Sponsoring Wholesaler
    - These companies function purely as a product supplier with no additional services.

  • Voluntary Group Wholesaler
    - Product suppliers with services to retailers who join the organization; such as store banner programs and private label sourcing.

  • Cash-N-Carry
    - Provides local retailers a physical location to order and pick up merchandise. Examples include Sam's Club, Smart & Final, and GFS Marketplace.

  • Cooperative (COOP)
    - These wholesalers are owned by the retail companies they serve. COOPs benefit from increased purchasing power and cost savings, and commonly operate under similar banner names. Examples include Piggly Wiggly and Associated Food Stores.

Wholesale Grocer leads are available in Directory, Lite, Pro, and Plus database formats. To schedule an online demonstration call 1-800-778-9794 today.
*Counts are approximate and are subject to change.



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