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Chain Store Guide's PLUS database of Chain Restaurant & Franchisor leads contains key contact information for the top operators, including phone numbers, physical mailing & digital addresses, titles, salutations, and more. Our restaurant databases are used by many industry professionals like suppliers, service providers, manufacturers, and consultants who are looking for verified sales leads in the foodservice arena.

Research these restaurant chains using their company profiles which include 2 years sales & unit history, growth percentages, number of units owned & franchised, number of employees, menu type, percent alcohol and internet sales where applicable, and type of foodservice venue.

Using a strict prequalification criteria, these chains must operate two or more locations. We also provide you with additional sales opportunities, such as Foodservice Management Operators, Bowling Alleys, Casinos, Hotels/Motels with restaurants, Movie Theaters, Theme Parks, Non-traditional Foodservice Operations (Kmart, Target, etc.), Foodservice Trade Associations, and Culinary Schools.

If you are interested in expanding your reach to restaurant franchisees as well, check out our Chain Restaurant Premier database which includes both restaurant chains and franchisees.

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    Chain Restaurant & Franchisor PLUS
    Chain Restaurant & Franchisor PLUS
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    Chain Restaurant Operators Directory
    Chain Restaurant Operators Directory
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