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For over 85 years, Chain Store Guide has supplied its customers with the highest level of quality that cannot be duplicated by any other provider. Our accuracy for Retail & Foodservice Locational Data is driven by our unique LocusTM sync & multi-step update process that blends spatial geocoding and cutting edge technology with a personal touch. As a result of our years of expertise, only CSG can offer maximum quality assurance while still maintaining complete coverage and monthly database revisions.

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Our in-house research team collects its addresses directly from the source, tracking thousands of companies, with all updates requiring human review & confirmation. In addition, we employ numerous technologies to monitor all of our over 700,000 geocoded locations, ensuring you have access to the most accurate data available. All locations and linked headquarters contain unique IDs, making your appending process effortless.

Databases Include:

Basic Data

  • Parent Company Name
  • Location Name/Store Number
  • Complete Address
  • Phone Number
  • Geocoding (Lat and Long)
  • Industry Classification
  • Listing Type
  • Unique Company ID
  • Parent Company Linkages
  • Headquarter Linkages
  • Regional Linkages
  • Divisional Linkages

Enhanced Data

  • Basic Location Data
  • Store Hours
  • Square Footage
  • Average Weekly Sales Volume
  • Pharmacy Indicator*
  • Type of Foodservice*
  • Primary Wholesaler/Distributor*
  • Specialty Departments*

Customize Your Locations

We offer locations in multiple formats to fit any of your business needs. Choose from full industry based databases, single company, or customizable datasets. Options also include:

  • Complete Industry Verticals
  • Individual Chains
  • Cross Industry
  • Geographical Regions (State, City, Zip, etc.)
  • Competitors (Choose specific companies/group companies)
  • Product Groupings & Specialty Departments

Full Industry Location Datasets Available

*Where applicable. Enhanced Data available for an additional fee. Restaurants do not contain square footage. Location database counts are approximate. Our research staff is updating the database daily. For the latest industry numbers or to build your own custom location database call Larry Joseph at (813) 627-6937 or Steve Hornsby at (813) 627-6818 today.