Drug Store & HBC Chain Leads

Drug Store & HBC Chain Leads

Drug Stores & HBC Chains

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Drug Store & HBC Chain Leads

Chain Store Guide's Drug Store & HBC Chain Leads Databases are the perfect prescription for your business.

Whether you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer, health & beauty care producer, or make general consumer merchandise, finding the right drug leads to land your products on the shelves has never been easier. While it may seem easy to name the Top 20 US Pharmacies, our PLUS database include over 3,800 High Volume Independent Drug Store leads that generate more than $12.5 billion in annual sales. Chain Store Guide also verifies every contact so you can bypass the gate keepers and contact the Drug Store Buyers and Decision Makers directly.

In order to provide the highest return on investment to our customers, companies must meet a strict criteria for inclusion to be added to our pharmacy databases. Drug retailers must operate two or more stores with industry sales exceeding $250,000.

The Drug Store and HBC Chains category includes discount drug stores, full-line drug stores, grocery chains with pharmacies, health & beauty chains (HBC), cosmetics retailers, home health care stores, internet only drug retailers, mail order drug retailers, pharmacy only stores, and vitamin stores. The top chain pharmacy retailer leads include Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, and many more.

Specialty Departments Included

  • 24-Hour Store
  • Automatic Teller Machine
  • Beer, Wine, & Liquor
  • Drive-Thru Window
  • DVD Rental Kiosk
  • HBC - Health & Beauty Care
  • Home Delivery
  • Home Health Care
  • In-Store Clinic
  • OTC Drugs
  • Pharmacy
  • Photo Finishing & Mini-Lab

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    Drug Stores & HBC Chains PLUS
    Drug Stores & HBC Chains PLUS
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    Drug Stores & HBC Chains Directory
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