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Meet TORI - The Top Online Retailers Insight database which includes both "web-only" eCommerce retailers and traditional chains that also operate online storefronts. This sales leads database is an essential resource to reach all the companies currently shifting to a digital platform. While brick-and-mortar retailers may have barriers to entry for new suppliers due to the availability of shelf space, online retailers do not have such restrictions and can carry a wider variety of product. This gives manufacturers even more opportunities to sell their products.

In light of recent events, many retailers are on lock-down, unable to open stores, and have pivoted to the online platform. This is a new way of doing business for many chains and their buyers are looking to bolster their virtual shelves with more products. Since many trade shows and in-person resources have closed, all of B2B has taken to the digital marketing platform, and CSG is here to provide a key advantage. This database also includes social media handles for both company and personnel, which can be used in social advertising campaigns in conjunction with other online marketing channels.

Top retailers in this database include Amazon, Walmart, New Egg, Best Buy, eBay and more...

*Counts are approximate and are subject to change.


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    Top Online Retailers Insight
    Top Online Retailers Insight
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