Custom Proximity Analysis

For All Retail & Foodservice Segments

Chain Store Guide, the trusted leaders in Market Research for over 80 years, is proud to introduce Custom Proximity Analysis. These analyses can be made for a variety of industries including; discount/dollar stores, hardware stores, grocery retailers, drug stores, convenience stores, apparel & department stores, quick serve restaurants and casual dining.

Knowing who the players are on the field is essential for developing a balanced strategic plan. CSG’s Proximity Analysis allows you to go beyond the basics to make well informed targeted decisions about your company’s future.

The data is analyzed by highly experienced Editors and Research Specialists to give you the most accurate and insightful report possible. You will have access to our Industry specific Editors throughout the process to help you customize your results in a way that’s specific to your needs.

With Chain Store Guide’s custom databases, we can offer a quick turn around for your personalized data in an easy to query Excel format.

CSG Can Customize A Proximity Report For Your Company
Here is one example of our analyses:

Location Proximity & Sales Modeling Analysis

Using Chain Store Guide’s expansive location database, an analysis report was created to determine which distribution center distributed products to a location.

The Proximity Report was used for both self-distributing retailer locations (ie. Walmart, Kroger, etc.) as well as retailers using an outside primary wholesaler.

With this modeled report, the user was able to identify which distribution center a specific supermarket location is getting its food products.

CSG was able to give additional modeling on grocery sales volumes for distribution centers.

Using this analysis in conjunction with the Proximity Report, grocery sales volumes from locations that are using a specific distribution center were aggregated.

The company was able to identify the highest grossing Distribution Centers based on grocery sales volumes.

Research Capabilities:

  • Cumulative Sales Volume Per Market
  • 5+ Years Historical Sales Volume
  • Number Of Stores Per Market
  • Multiple Market Breakdowns