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Market Research Services

CSG provides our business clients with an unmatched level of expertise in data collection and intelligence gathering for the retail and foodservice industries. Our unparalleled research capability combined with decades of high level analysis provides both detailed data and the wisdom to understand it.

Whether you are looking for an in-depth view at a specific targeted area for market entry/exit, location mapping for site selection, or historical data for analysis, CSG’s 80 years of experience and databases of 742,000+ locations can assist your business needs.

CSG is the industry leader in data collection and research techniques. Our staff of researchers and analysts combined with our in-house data call center personnel are available to assist our clients in their business intelligence needs.

Users of CSG Data Intelligence Services

Investment and Hedge Fund Managers   Major Distributors, Suppliers and Retailers
Corporate Strategic Planners   Real Estate and Leasing Professionals
Marketing and Research companies   Consultants, Legal and Accounting firms
Product and Brand Managers   Investment Bankers
Consumer Packaged Goods companies   Product Manufacturers

CSG Intelligence Services Include

Single Market Reports

A must-have tool when entering a new market or identify selling opportunities in a defined area. Comprehensive reports of market areas, which can be broken down by CBSA, county, or zip with specific retail market share and demographics for each level. CBSA’s offer up to 5 years of history. Included with all reports is editorial commentary on positioning and market trends as well as future market projections.

Location Analysis

Analyze color-coded maps in a defined area, broken down by CBSA, county, zip, city, state or region. Analyze proximity for a set of chosen retailers, determine who has opened and closed in the past, and find the best retailers and areas for site selection. All powered by our constantly updated database of retail locations.

Historical Reports

Take advantage of over 80 years of data collection with CSG’s extensive database. Historical reports are available for any retail company in our database. You can also create a custom report for a single company or an entire industry.

CSG Past Project Portfolio

Design of customized Pharma industry retail store drug market share and sales model.

Major grocery retailer competitive analysis and market share model including historical sales of all Grocery, Drug, and Discount and General Merchandise retailers within user defined markets.

Design and analyze a marketing survey to measure the effectiveness of potential national advertising company campaigns for a national pizza chain.

US Foodservice Distribution Center competitor identification, analysis, and review.

Design of Distribution Center Sales Model with proximity analysis for major US agriculture products business.

Above are only illustrations of the level of services CSG Data Intelligence can provide. If you want to learn more, please call Larry Joseph at 800-284-6937 or complete the information request form to the right to learn more.