Cannabis Store Locations

Recreational & Medical Cannabis Dispensary Locations:

Chain Store Guide has tracked and compiled a list of over 18,000 locations that sell or distribute cannabis & CBD products at retail. This includes for both recreational and medical uses.

CSG is the only research company to develop a list of retail cannabis store locations operating in the U.S. Using both advanced proprietary algorithms and expert human verification, we have been able to compose our listing with the most up-to-date data.

If you are looking for additional information, such as demographics or proximity to other retailers, please contact us with the form below or at 1-800-927-9292.

Address ● Latitude & Longitude ● Phone Number ● Hours of Operation ● Website ● HQ Linkages ● Unique 10 Digit ID ● State Legal Status

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    Cannabis Store Locations
    Cannabis Store Locations
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