Active Intelligence

"Your product has greatly assisted in targeting clients. I highly recommend it to anyone. The information has made it easier to focus our marketing and sales efforts by providing intelligence as to the relevance of our products and services,” Naveen Aggarwal, Active Intelligence, Mississauga, Ontario


“Thank you for getting me into the system so quickly. I found the Foodservice Distribution information very helpful in completing the current project I am working on,” Leslee Chalk, Boyden, Atlanta, GA


“Chain Store Guide’s Online Pro allows me to do my own mailers without outsourcing them to a label company. This saves me time and money, and I feel it is more accurate,”Andrew Burger, President, Bugs Burger, Miami Beach, FL

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"There are many opportunities throughout the business cycle to develop products, sales and customers. The trick is to have accurate information which enables your marketing department and/or sales to make contact with the customer database. We were relying on our sales staff to update information and keep our database current. The problem is we have always had 20% of any mailing returned because of inadequate information. In the past year we have started to use Chain Store Guide and have found that it has reduced our returns on mailers to less then 5%. I think the Chain Store Guide program is something that we will be using 100% of the time when looking out for the data we need." Victor C. Robelet, President, Carlson Airflo Merchandising Systems, Brooklyn Park, MN


"Chain Store Guide is a valuable tool in the marketing programs for various products and services of Carts and Parts, Inc. The electronic format of data on supermarket chains is especially useful in our direct mail activities, as well as identifying key executives for special presentations. The comprehensive market intelligence provided by Chain Store Guide is used in our company almost on a daily basis. Thank you Chain Store Guide for helping us be successful!" Bob Weiss, President, Carts and Parts, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK

Copper Conferencing

“With Chain Store Guide, we can identify companies with multiple locations, determine how much revenue they produce as well as the products and services they offer, and have a number of contact points for each company. Our marketing and sales operations are ecstatic about having such a comprehensive and reliable source of information to work with. Thank you," Carolyn Bradfield, Copper Conferencing/The Conference Dept, Roswell, GA


"Chain Store Guide is our best strategic resource. We have used Chain Store Guide for years to build our model of the restaurant industry," Scott Shaw, Founder/CEO, Fishbowl Inc., Alexandria, VA. "We’ve grown by leaps and bounds and investing in good data to make our sales people more productive is priceless."

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“We use Chain Store Guide’s data to identify and qualify targeted sales leads. It saves time and is very efficient and effective,” Steven Johnson, President, Foodservice Solutions, WA Tacoma


"It was a pleasure meeting you at the ICSC Florida Conference. Thanks for your patience. We love the program," Michelle Seifert, Grubb & Ellis Commercial Florida, Tampa, FL


"I have been using your Chain Store Guide for over 30 years, and it is the best in the industry." Paul R. Tallino, President, HRI Services Restaurant Brokers, Canton, MA

KiwiTech Testimonial

"I count on the editorial integrity of Chain Store Guide information and appreciate the commitment to accuracy and currency of the data which can only come from the tireless efforts of the editors and content managers at CSG." Jerry Balan, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, KiwiTech, New York, NY


"I’ve recommended your company to hundreds of people over the years. As the largest database of manufacturers representatives in the United States, we assist of manufacturers/importers in finding agents who are appropriate to sell their lines. We always recommend Chain Store Guide to provide them sales leads," Roger Wilson, Manufacturers Representative Profile, Roseville, CA

Mount of Olives Treasures

"Chain Store Guides are the greatest invention since apple pie. Each guide is structured to generate sales for the user within each industry with ease. Not only does the guide enable you to have the information needed to make a successful connection, but it generated leads that led to sales. This is a must-have for any sales professional or start-up company. The information is up to date and enables you to get to your target with a minimum of time and frustration." Judy Rubin, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Mount of Olives Treasures, New York, NY

National Steak and Poultry

“Chain Store Guide’s information allows me to do my homework on a company before I call them. CSG Online Pro is a wonderful source. And the customer service has been superb,” Robert K. Olson, National Account Manager, National Steak & Poultry, Anaheim, CA


"Chain Store Guide provides me with active, good leads when I send salesmen out. I’ve used other companies in the past and was not satisfied with out-of-date information. Chain Store Guide is a valuable asset and great tool to have,” Eric Elkin, Director of Marketing & Sales, Newspring Packaging, Kearney, NJ

Ocean Garden

“By using the online guide, we have been able to effectively narrow down our search for potential supermarkets that might sell our new upscale shrimp. I like the products and especially like being able to have access to the Chain Store Guide in print as well as the online guide for queries. I would recommend the online guide as an essential sales and marketing tool,” Shawn Hester, Ocean Garden, San Diego, CA


"As so often happens, we don’t appreciate some things until they are gone. I’ve had two occasions in the past week to need info which would be most readily available in the Chain Store Guide. Please accept my humble apology for my hasty decision to cancel and take whatever steps are necessary to reinstate our subscription," CFO Dave Fogle, Pacific Coast Restaurants, Inc., Portland, OR

Robbie Manufacturing

"I have used your website before and it is a great resource." Alanna Pedersen, National Account Sales - Robbie Manufacturing, Lenexa, KS

"I have been using CSG for many years. Since most of my business is gained through prospecting; CSG has really provided me with the key elements I need to create new business opportunities. Thanks CSG! " Matt Bennett, National Account Manager, Structural Plastics Corporation, Holly, MI


"As an overseas branch office of the foremost non-profit trade promotion organization, Taiwan Trade Center Chicago uses the Discount & General Merchandise Stores database from Chain Store Guide every day. It has been invaluable in helping build up our network of contacts, which we use to publicize our international trade shows and matchmaking services and to research potential industries. The online professional version of Chain Store Guide easily lets us target specific companies that we are interested in, and we highly recommend it to other businesses," Tina Chang, Project Manager, Taiwan Trade Center, Chicago, IL


"Your service, level of professionalism and overall concern for customer happiness is second to none. I would purchase everything from you if I could," Michael Sperber, Director of Marketing, TAP Series, Agoura Hills, CA


“As a manufacturer of custom store fixtures and retail displays, CSG’s Directory of Apparel Specialty Stores has been a great resource for our sales department, with a “world of information” in it. You can easily scan the pages and see which companies are of the correct size of retail chain you want to go after just by looking to the right of the company’s name. It shows important information, like who is the correct top decision maker of store fixtures purchases. My particular favorite bit of information listed is the “Projected openings” of stores that the company anticipates. All this information greatly enhances our chances of actually being able to get sales from the stores listed in the directory.” Mike Corbosiero, TerraComm Group, Carmel, NY


“Twenty-two years ago when I started as a rep with Spacewall, if I hadn’t have used Chain Store Guide, I would have starved. Chain Store Guide’s information is a godsend. You get through to the right person, the decision makers, every time. Chain Store Guide is an incredible resource, and that’s why I keep coming back,” Dave Chadwick, Spacewall International, Stone Mtn., GA


“This is brilliant and something I never knew existed. I have already downloaded the information!” Lori Bashour, Shaker Mill Inn, West Stockbridge, MA

United Food Group

“I’ve been in this business for 20 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s great information!” Jim Reo, United Food Group, Los Angeles, CA

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